Must-have materials to start your Bullet Journal

Working on your first Bullet Journal can be challenging at first, with so many options to choose from there are no limits. The materials for your journal can be as varied as your imagination and creativity goes.

Notebook: The most important item in your Bujo is a notebook. It’s where you will write everything down, so you have to make sure the quality is good and has some thickness, so ink doesn’t go through the pages or smear over. Although there is an official Bullet Journal sold online you can just get any notebook from the store, especially if you are a beginner. There are different options to choose from such as ruled, grid, dotted or completely blank, which offers much more versatility for creative designs. Make sure to choose one that inspires you and will make you want to work on it in a consistent way. And of course, make sure to use the Classic Bullet Journal by The Stationery Company

Pens/Markers: Pens and markers with fine tips are the best options for creating beautiful texts and doodles, as well as drawing. If you want to add different effects, make sure to have a variety pen with different tip sizes and colors. For more experienced users, watercolor paint is also a good option.

Washi tape: This is another tool which will help you decorate your Bullet Journal. This tape, which you can find in many types and aesthetics, can be used to separate some annotations or as decoration. If the material also allows you to color it, it can also be another creative tool.

Rulers and stencils: Rulers are a good ally for Bullet Journals users, they can have several uses such as drawing different shapes and figures or you can just choose lettered stencils for titles and headlines to make it more attractive.

Highlighters: These types of markers are great companions to go with your text to highlight important information you want to set apart from the rest. There are many colors to choose from besides the typical bright yellow one.

Stickers: Depending on what style you are going for, they are great for accentuating your pages, you can opt for minimalistic ones or if you like more detailed ones you can choose some that match with the content you are talking about like parties, trips, etc.

Tabs: They are very useful to separate different categories in your journal. You can use a tab to separate some logs like the index and divide each month so it’s easier to navigate through them without getting lost.