First things first. The Stationery Company is not just a brand, it’s a community. We believe that all women have endless potential, but most don’t believe that and only a small minority truly unlock it..

We’re striving to change that. We plan to leverage our community to ignite the fire of belief in the hearts of women around the globe who have been told that they are not good enough. We encourage women to think BIG, be comfortable in their own skin and uplift one another, so we can all grow… as a team!

Our brand creates stationery that represents the go getters. Sound like you? Come and join the ride.

At The Stationery Company, we love it when women get in touch and tell us about their experiences with our products and how the message of the brand has helped them when they’ve been through tough times. Moments like this make us really proud of what we’re building.

I always struggled to know what I want from life and had only a vague idea about it. Bullet Journal changed it all. By creating a structure in my life, it helped me every day to think of what I wanted and why I did the things I do.

Well, a journal is a great way for you to keep track of all the tasks you need to do and also to write your thoughts on a piece of paper so you can later come back to them and see your progress. With the TSC notebook you really get the sense that there will always be someone there supporting your goals and ambitions. Their message of empowering women creatives just motivates me to be the best I can be and in what I do.

When I started my Bullet Journal, I knew I had to learn a lot about the system and how it could help me achieve my goals. This reminded me that learning can be fun and interesting and most importantly – it can be a pleasure.

When I discovered TSC message in helping female creatives through inspiring, uplifting and motivating. It made me feel that there is people out there who actually care about women finding their place in this busy world we live in. So I bought a notebook from them and then the more I learned bullet journaling, the more I wanted to know about other things as well – how to fix your sleep, how to manage your time and do more during the day, how to develop better habits, how to set and achieve goals. The list goes on and on. I can thank TSC enough for helping me change my lifestyle.